Director David Crowley 

David is a Professional award winning Director and a successful Acting coach.

Website:  www.davidcrowley.co.uk

Email:      david@davidcrowley.co.uk

Writer & Producer Kru Lundy

Wrath is the first film Kru has Written & Produced and seeks to make many more projects with quality and passion for creativity with a difference in the film industry.  As well as being the Writer & Producer Kru was also the Lead Actor.

Website:  www.krulundy.com

Email:      info@krulundy.com

Executive Producer Kirsty Lundy

The film Wrath wouldn't have been made without the support and funding for the film from Kirsty.

Email:  info@krulundy.com

Cinematographer Adam Dawson

Adam is a highly experienced UK based Cinematographer with a creative unique talent with his craft in film.

BarrowBoy Productions:




Sound Department Ian Price

Liverpudlian Ian has a vast array of experience and knowledge within the film industry.

WHAT IF I'D Corrie Shelley 1Artist Name
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Soundtrack by Corrie Shelley

'What if I'd'

Website:  www.corrieshelley.com

You Tube:  Corrie Shelley - YouTube

Drone Operator &

BTS Cameraman Chris Macbryde

Email:  chris.macbryde@gmail.com